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Our concepts:  iowec  &  iswec

iowec - Intentium offshore wave energy converter: This project was formally started in 2007 by Intentium as. It is focused on offshore and long-crested wave conditions, with high-energy seas. The concept is characterized by a long float moored to a front buoy and stabilized with its longest side normal to the incoming and dominant wave front. The float is again connected to a double-acting water pump with a buoyancy controlled water anchor attached at the lower end. The PTO has analogy with hydro power, and consists of accumulator, water turbine and generator. The concept is international patent pending through WO2011065841A1. Since start-up it has been conducted internal model tank testing and carried out several external feasibility studies by e.g. FugroOCEANOR and NTNU. Most recent and important studies are a numerical analysis by Sintef Marintek in 2011, and model testing in 2012 in the deep wave basin at Aalborg University through the EU FP7 project MARINET. The concept is a results of the company’s design guidelines.

The various parts of this concept include:

Having difficulties understanding how it works? Have a look at our videos on YouTube:

iswec - Intentium short-crest wave energy converter: To have an alternative concept with shorter development path, Intentium has recently started a second wave power project for wave conditions less offshore and with more choppy short-crested waves, like in the Skagerrak (the coastal areas outside Vestfold). The working title for this converter is iswec, where the 's' stands for short-crest. This concept differ from the offshore iowec in that it has multiple shorter floats. However the iswec concept is based on the experience and the same guidelines as for the offshore iowec - still floating and installed far out from the coastline.