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Intentium is a Norwegian company, which during 2007 to 2014, worked with development of wave power. After seven lean years, the founder of the company, M.Sc. Lars Edvardsen, put the work on wave power on hold, and started to work for ABB Electrification Norway with the design of 12-36 kV switchgear. This website is kept for educational purposes.

Norwegian company Intentium AS has been working with development of floating wave power since 2007. The company has completed several external studies of offshore wave energy cooperating with companies and organizations including Aalborg University, European Unions seventh framework programme MARINET, Sintef MARINTEK, FugroOCEANOR, NTNU and local manufacturing industry. Intentium has its own internal wave tank at its location in Sjøparken Larvik, Vestfold. The company is also working with mechanical engineering, product design and construction of geothermal heating plants. Intentium was founded by MSc. Lars Edvardsen, who has previously worked as a mechanical engineer for Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, Space-division and for Jotron AS. Intentium also runs the open wave energy project.

Climate stand

The company has been working with various projects within mechanical engineering and product design. There is however one thing we are strict about; We have taken a climate stand, and say no-thanks to oil&gas or any other fossil energy projects. And yes – ditching oil&gas makes running a mechanical engineering business in Norway a lot harder.

These are some of the projects / products our staff has worked with:

Product development of equipment for wax protection of plants (replacement of poison).
Steel structures of gravel plant.
Engineering of treatment plants for water.
Engineering of treatment plants for odor.
Construction of specialized unit trolley.
Setup pnaumatikk production equipment.
Design of heating plants based on basic heat with cooling and heating.
Tenders Collecting, ordering and production monitoring large systems.
Development project for the development of offshore wave power.
Working with refrigeration machinery.
Design and production drawings rotating welding table.
Design and tool orders and production startup of injection-molded plastic components.
Engineering of materials related to the metal, thermoplastics, elastomers, etc.
Design of labels / labels.
Design and construction of mechanical parts (casing) of the maritime distress radar transponder.
Construction of truss support structures.
Mechanical design and construction of control cabinets.
Development of 90 degree angle lightweight gearbox.
Design of lightweight structures in composite materials.
Design and construction of mechanical parts of maritime float-free S-VDR.
Design and construction of mechanical parts airport VHF radio amplifier.
Layout of test equipment for marine emergency equipment.
Engineering related to packaging solutions.
Product / engineering maritime emergency.
Product / engineering marine handheld VHF.
Product / Engineering airport VHF radio products.
Mechanical construction of housing and cooling components for flight computer.
Design of production equipment for the electronics industry.
Design and production base of automated weldingjigg for pipeweld, large dimensions.
Development and construction of the antenna pointing mechanism for space.
Tenders and part-construction of the unfolding mechanism for the Ariane 5 upper stage rocket engine.
Product / engineering, Ariane 5 booster bracket and separation mechanisms.
Product / engineering composite materials.
Mounting Equipment for packaging.
Tenders and part-construction for HDRM (Hold Down and Release) and unfolding mechanisms for space antenna satellite dish.