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Intentium is a Norwegian company, which during 2007 to 2014, worked with development of wave power. After seven lean years, the founder of the company, M.Sc. Lars Edvardsen, put the work on wave power on hold, and started to work for ABB Electrification Norway with the design of 12-36 kV switchgear. This website is kept for educational purposes.


Wave Power in Vestfold Blad
Local paper Vestfold Blad has written an article about us in this week's issue. Read more.


Wave energy-industry in Vestfold
Intentium with R&D-partner Vestfold University College, is currently carrying out a feasibility study, which looks at the possibilities of starting up wave energy industry in the maritime Vestfold region. The project is supported by VRI Vestfold. Read more.


Successful testing in Aalborg
Intentium has completed three weeks of successful testing at Aalborg University through the EU FP7 program MARINET. Read more about our testing and the MARINET program here.

RECHARGE 2012-0309

Featured in RECHARGE
This week Intentium and open wave energy project is featured in the global renewable magazine RECHARGE. You can read or download the article here.

open wave energy project

open wave energy project
We have just launched 'open wave energy project' - owep. This is a project created by ocean energy developers, for ocean energy developers. It is an initiative to assist collaboration and prosperity in the wave energy business. Read more.

Marine energy in Spain

Marine energy in Spain
We participated in a Spanish-Norwegian seminar on marine energy on the Canary Islands. The Interest were high on both side of the table. Read more in Norwegian and Spanish news covering the event.

TU article

Thor Heyerdahl VGS
This week! Read more.

TU article

Teknisk Ukeblad
For the second time, an article about Intentiums Wave power project in presented in Norwegian Teknisk Ukeblad. Please comment! Read more (norwegian).


Students thesis
Mechanical engineering students Neco Darian and Ahmet Bicaj at Oslo University College, will do their Bachelor thesis based on Intentium Wave Power Project. We are grateful that future engineers want to contribute to renewable energy, and we wish them the very best of luck with the thesis!


Opening of Ocean Energy at Runde Environmental Centre
Intentium attended the official opening of the Centre for ocean energy at Runde Environmental Centre. The program featured e.g. a lecture by Professor Johannes Falnes. Link to the official opening at Runde.


Energy central in southern Norway
Intentium has conducted the 3D CAD work for customer, of a Energy central in southern Norway.


Energy central in south-east Norway
Intentium has conducted the 3D CAD work for customer, of a Energy central in south-east Norway.

Green Business Norway

Intentium on Green Business Norway 22. April

Intentium and the  wavepower project is presented on the Green Business conference in Vestfold, Norway 22. April. The session is part of a longer presentation of Connect Norway and the Connect process, as well as six cleantech companies. Link to the conference.


Wavepower project in Norwegian Teknisk Ukeblad

Intentiums offshore wavepower project is presented in Norwegian Teknisk Ukeblad no8. As described in the article, a continuous search for industrial and financial partners is conducted. You can read or download the article (in Norwegian) here.

Model testing

Successful model testing of wavepower unit conducted

Intentium has through the past weeks successfully conducted modeltesting of a detailed small scale wavepower unit, in the company's own wavetank. The tests conducted, shows that the technical design works well, and will be the basic for the following development. An important milestone for the project is met.

Stiftelsen Miljøansvar

Stiftelsen Miljøansvar

The wavepower project receives founding from Stiftelsen Miljøansvar (Eng: foundation environmental responsibility). The founds will be used to run more accurate model testing. This is a great motivation!


Intentium has installed its own small wavetank for offshore wavepower project. The size of the tank is LxWxD 6m x 1,5m x 1,5m.



Intentium receives founding from Larvik Kommunes næringsfond for offshore wavepower project. See Website of LINK's webpage.



New CAD tool!

Intentium has purchased the latest version of Pro/ENGINEER, Wildfire



Project founds

Intentium receives founding from Innovation Norway for project in renewable energy 



Opening of Intentium

Today, monday 3. september 2007, Intentium as is officially kicked-off!