Plants for Energy, Processing, and Manufacturing

Intentium designs systems for customer-companies that work with processing, energy and production facilities.

Why use 3D CAD in the engineering of plants?

  1. Increase the success rate
    • Deliver good tenders
    • Submit professionalism to your customers
  2. Reduce costs
    • Detailed bill of materials provides good control over costs
    • Obtain good estimates of labor cost
    • Effectively obtain quotes for materials and equipment
    • Reduce production time with good manufacturing drawings
    • Enables pre-fabrication
  3. Document professionally, traceable and editable
    • Easier implementation and documentation of changes
    • Easy access to professional documentation for management, operation and maintenance (FDV)

Typical Delivery:

3D model of the plant (see image example in jpg format)
Production documents, 2D drawings (download example in pdf format)
Detailed bill of materials (download example in excel format)

Additional services:

Obtaining quotes for materials, equipment and production
Ordering and control of delivery of materials and equipment
Support for the production
Additional documents for management, operation and maintenance (FDV)

Why Intentium?