Mechanical Design

Intentium is offering services within mechanical design in all levels. Today's development of 3D CAD has made the process from idea to prototype very efficient. Even very simple details, will in most cases benefit from first being modelled in a modern 3D CAD tool, before drawings or other documentation is made. The method is swift for experienced engineers, and as an extra bonus, this gives the possibility to make changes later with small documentation cost. Intentium has long experience with mechanical design. Intentium's main engineering tool is PTC Creo (former Pro/ENGINEER), but the company has experience with almost everyone of the major CAD-tools. It can be exported to all standard formats.

FEA and CFD analysis

Intentium can perform most mechanical analysis. This can be linear static, dynamic analysis– as normal modes, thermal analysis and fluiddymamic analysis (CFD). For most structural strength calculations, it is usually enough to make linear static analysis, to have a good margin to failure.

Product Development

Intentium staff has long experience with product development of i.e. mechanisms, injection moulded plastic products and sheet metal products. The company has also a significant network of engineering and industrial resources which can be employed. Rapid Prototyping is used extensively when new products are developed.