Wave Power

Norwegian company Intentium AS has been working with development of floating wave power since 2007. The company has completed several external studies of its patented offshore wave energy plant iowec; Intentium Offshore Wave Energy Converter. iowec utilizes a wider stabilized float, resulting in a wider wavefront being captured and hence more energy being harvested. The concept also consists of robust solutions for the PTO with hydro-power similarities disconnected from the moorings. In 2012 the concept went through extensive ocean basin testing at Aalborg University, through the EU funded initiative MARINET. Results, backed up by previous numerical simulations conducted by SINTEF MARINTEK, shows a persistent efficiency through a diversity of wave conditions. The company has its own internal wave tank at its location in Sjøparken Larvik, Vestfold. Intentium also runs the open wave energy project.

open wave energy project