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Norwegian company Intentium AS has been working with development of floating wave energy since 2007. The company has completed several external studies of offshore wave energy cooperating with companies and organizations including Aalborg University, European Unions seventh framework programme MaRINET, Sintef MARINTEK, FugroOCEANOR, NTNU and local manufacturing industry.

Vestfold wave energy industry feasibility study

Vestfold in Southern Norway has a long and impressive maritime history. Intentium has recently been avarded by VRI Vestfold and the Research Council of Norway a feasibility study of realization of wave energy pilot and wave energy industry in Vestfold.

Would you like to be industrial, R&D or financial partner in a wave energy project?

This industry needs more players. Do you have products, services, knowledge, finances or other means which you wish to have developed for maritime renewables? Contact us if you want to take part in this emerging and important industry.